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Turbine Engine Oil. Re-Invented.


A new benchmark - for high performance turbine engine oils.
For many years the world’s finest aviation scientists struggled with a problem that seemed almost impossible to solve.

The challenge was to produce a High Performance Capability (HPC) oil that could deliver the optimum balance between low coking and elastomer integrity.

In the past, no HPC oil had managed to achieve this, because improving the oil’s low coking properties always meant that engine elastomer seals deteriorated faster.

It meant that some of the benefits of using a higher performing oil were instantly neutralised, and airline operators still faced the same problems of aircraft downtime and reduced profitability.

No oil formulation, it seemed, could capture the ideal balance - until now...enter AeroShell Ascender.

What makes AeroShell Ascender so different?
AeroShell Ascender takes turbine engine oils to a completely new dimension. It has been specifically developed to provide the optimum balance between low coking and elastomer compatibility. It’s also designed to cope comfortably with the new generation of jet engines – where conditions are hotter and maintenance intervals are longer.

Back to basics - to meet demanding specifications
In formulating AeroShell Ascender, our scientists went right back to basics, effectively reinventing the oil’s DNA. Over ten years of exhaustive research and development, we listened to customers, OEMs and engine specialists. We tested our prototype oil more rigorously than any other AeroShell product in Shell Aviation’s history, with the goal of delivering a formulation with the optimum balance.

The results
AeroShell Ascender became the first new formulation to fly through the new civil turbine oil specification SAE AS5780A approval process, setting a new benchmark for high performance turbine oils. For us, it’s a significant achievement.

For you, it means less coking, more protection, greater seal integrity.

Examples of the differences between the performance of Standard and High Performance Capability oils according to SAE AS5780A

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