Havoline Motorcycle Engine Oil

Enjoy better overall performance, while protecting your motorcycle engine against stressful city riding conditions.
4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Engine Oil
4 -Stroke Scooter Oil
DOT3 and DOT4 Brake Fluids
Radiator Coolant to keep your engine cold
The only fuel system cleaner that you need

Technologically advanced formulations for enhanced performance and reliability

By using carefully selected base oils with an outstanding additive package, we’re able to deliver the right balance between clutch friction, heat protection, detergency, and lubrication.

Our latest C.O.R.E. Technology delivers four key benefits for your motorcycle engine:

Achieve more from the get-go with ZoomTech friction booster

Our new motorcycle engine oils are formulated with ZoomTech, a friction booster additive to help deliver a 13% improvement in static friction performance^.
For the everyday rider, this reduces clutch slippage, especially under high load conditions, and ensures maximum power transfer for enhanced acceleration.
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