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Category: Aviation Lubricants.
Corrosion Prevention Oil

Corrosion Preventative Oil

ROYCO 482 is a light green rust and corrosion prevention oil commonly used to preserve aircraft internal combustion engines. The ashless anti-corrosion additive package and highly refined petroleum base oils protect the engine by minimizing the effects of humidity and neutralizing the acidic components of engine oil oxidation and combustion by-products. While ROYCO 482 is normally used as a preservation grade engine oil for the internal preservation of engines or engine parts and accessories during moderate outdoor to long term indoor storage periods, it can also be used as a "flyaway" oil for reciprocating engines. Operation of engines preserved with the diluted material should be limited to a maximum of fifty hours before oil change. The engine to be preserved should be filled to normal capacity with ROYCO 482 and then run at idle until the engine reaches normal operating temperature (approx. 10 - 15 minutes.) Upon shutdown the internal surfaces of the engine are now protected from rust and corrosion. Turbine engines using synthetic engine lubricating oils should use a Mil-C-8188 corrosion preventative concentrate. Turbine engines using lubricants compatible with mineral based fluids should use ROYCO 483 corrosion preventative. ROYCO 482 is designated a preservative under MIL-STD-2073-1C and MIL-C-6529 Type II.
Typical Properties

  • API Gravity, 60/60 °F: 26.7
  • Kinematic Viscosity, cSt Base oil
    •         @ 100°C: 265.0
    •         @ 40°F: 20
  • Aircraft Oil Grade: 1100
  • SAE Viscosity: 50
  • Pour Point, °F: 5
  • Flash Point, °F: 565
  • Carbon Residue, % wt.: 0.45
  • Ash, % wt. ASTM D-482: 0.0100
  • HBr Neutralization Test: PASS
  • Lead Corrosion, 300°F/4 hrs., mg/in2: 14.3
  • Copper Corrosion, ASTM D-130: 1B slight tarnish
  • Rust Protection, Humidity Cabinet: PASS

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