Lubricating solutions for your business needs

Commercial Vechicles

Lubricants for all types of commercial vehicles from truck, construction machineries to cranes.

Industrial Lubricants

Factory wide maintenance lubricants, gear oil, grease to metal working coolants

Marine Lubricants

Full range of lubricants used in vessel.

Aviation Lubricants

Lubricants commonly used in aviation MRO

Other highlights:

Houghton C-Thru Seperator

Houghton C-Thru Seperator In Action. Tramp Oil Removal The C-Thru® Separator is a unique, patented unit designed to remove solid...

Kyodo Yushi - Grease Specialist

Kyodo Yushi Specialty Grease Kyodo Yushi is a manufacturer of lubricants, especially grease, metal and machine oil. Since our inception...

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