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Category: Metal Working Fluids.
Biostable Semi-synthetic Coolant

Biostable Semi-synthetic Coolant
Hocut B50S is a blend of severely refined mineral oils, corrosion inhibitors and  biostable additives. Upon dilution, the resulting translucent emulsion offers excellent  sump life and good machining characteristics.

Application Profile
A wide range of machining and grinding applications will benefit from the use of Hocut B50S with its features of  low foaming and excellent resistance to bacterial attack. Hocut B50S is a highly versatile product and can be  used in single sump machines or in centralised systems. Most metals and alloys can be successfully used with  Hocut B50S, with the emulsions offering good inter-stage corrosion protection.

* Extended sump life
* Maintains machine cleanliness
* Low foaming
* Cost-effective
* Chlorine-free
* Good corrosion protection
* Rejects tramp oil
* No sticky residues

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