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Multi-purpose exptreme pressure lithium grease NLGI 2

Multi-purpose extreme pressure lithium grease NLGI 2

PETRONAS Gris EPI is a premium quality lead-free extreme pressure multi-purpose lithium hydroxystearate grease specially formulated to provide excellent performance for heavy duty and shock loads applications in the areas of corrosion protection, low temperature pumpability, high temperature service life and load carrying capabilities.
PETRONAS Gris EPI is manufactured from high viscosity index premium quality base oils thickened with lithium soap. It is compounded with rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure additives to provide extra protection against wear, rust, corrosion, water washout and high temperature oxidation.

PETRONAS Gris EPI greases are recommended for most types of industrial applications including heavy duty applications where high unit pressures or shock loads are present. They are suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings. They provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion and resist water wash-out particular in applications where moist or wet conditions are common. The recommended operating temperature range is from -20 °C to 130 °C.

PETRONAS Gris EPI 0 and EPI 1 are soft greases with NLGI grades 0 and 1 respectively. They provide good low temperature pumpability and will not harden or seperate in centralized lubrication systems and other appliations where low temperature performance is required.

PETRONAS Gris EPI 2 is recommended for multi-purpose applications in anti-friction and plain bearings, bushings and pins under normal operating conditions.

PETRONAS Gris EPI 3 is a stiffer NLGI grade 3 grease recommended for applications where maximum protection against penetration of water or solid contaminants is required.

Customer Benefits

• Reduced wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration
• Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
• Good high and low temperature stability
• High resistance to water wash-out
• High mechanical and chemical stability 

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