Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles

Enjoy a smoother ride with Techron Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles

Techron Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles

Techron Concentrate Plus for motorcycles & scooters is a premium fuel system cleaner that starts cleaning in one tankful.

Using Techron technology, this fuel additive works at molecular levels to soften the deposits found in critical parts of the motorcycle’s engine system and suspend them in fuel. These deposits are then carried through to the combustion chamber to be burnt and ejected in the exhaust.

Why use Techron Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles?

Your riding performance and fuel economy are compromised when grimy deposits build up in an engine’s fuel system. Techron Concentrate Plus for motorcycles is specially created for:

  • Riders who occasionally use low quality fuels
  • Owners of motorcycles or scooters with unknown fuel usage history
  • Motorcycles that experience the frequent start stop of urban riding

If you are an urban rider or the owner of a used motorcycle, the benefits of using Techron Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles will get you to a clean start.

Benefits of using Techron Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles:

  • Restore lost power and performance
  • Better pick-up and acceleration
  • Reduce knock sounds
  • Maximize fuel economy



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You can get this product from your nearby Caltex Service Station or authorized workshop.

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The Only Complete Fuel System That You Need

Add one 75ml bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus – Motorcycle to one empty tank (up to 6 Liters) every time gasoline fuel top-up is being done.

For larger fuel tank (more than 6 Liters), a second bottle treatment may be required to gain full benefits (steps of every 6 Liters proportion)

Instruction to use:

For best result, use every 3000km

Caltex Techron Fuel System Cleaner also available for diesel vehicles and petrol vehicles, please select from below:
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