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Hocut 795B

Category: Metal Working Fluids.
Long Life, High Performance Machining Coolant

Houghton’s international research and development team have produced a totally new high technology machining  and grinding coolant, Hocut 795B. This product provides  excellent heavy duty machining performance on both  ferrous and non-ferrous metals without the use of  chlorinated or sulphurised compounds. It has unique  resistance to bacteria and fungal growth that is achieved  without the use of traditional biocides. 

Boeing Approved
Approval specification no. BAC5008


  • Clean running / no biological growth
    •  Reduced disposal cost, less down time
  •  Low foaming
    •  Better performance in high speed machines and high pressure coolant systems 
  •  Chlorine and Sulphur free
    •  Reduced environmental impact
    •  Improved process compatibility
  •  Excellent corrosion protection 
    •  In-process protection of machinery and parts
  •  Excellent machining capabilities 
    •  Increased tool life, improves surface finish
  •  Non Staining on Aluminium
    •  Suitable for machining exotic alloys

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