Houghton Hocut 795MPB-watermark-500


Category: Metal Working Fluids.
High Performance, Bio-Resistant Machining & Grinding Coolant

Houghton’s international research and development team have  produced a totally new high technology machining and grinding  coolant, HOCUT 795 MPB.
This product is a semi synthetic and provides clean running,  heavy duty machining performance on both ferrous and nonferrous metals without the use of chlorinated or sulphurised  compounds. It has unique resistance to bacteria and fungal  growth that is achieved without the use of traditional biocides.

HOCUT 795 MPB is suitable for use in a wide range of  machining and grinding operations. Excellent surface finish and  tool life can be expected in severe operations even on difficult  alloys such as stainless steels and high silicone aluminium.  
HOCUT 795 MPB is compatible with hard water, is clean  running and uniquely bio-stable, which assures long, odour-free  sump life unequalled by conventional bio-stable and other  water soluble fluids.

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