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SKU: LUBCI-3402207
Category: Metal Working Fluids.
medium duty cutting operations.

Castrol Ilocut 480A is a clear, low viscosity, chlorine free, superior quality mineral oil fortified with unique esters additive to provide extra lubricity for medium duty cutting operations.

Castrol Ilocut 480A is specially formulated for a wide range of machining operations on small automatics, semi-automatics and multi-cut lathes, capstans and combination turret lathes.
It is suitable for machining on aluminum and its alloys, copper and ferrous materials.


  •  Pale coloured oil allows operator to see more easily the conditions at the interface of tool and workpiece.
  •  Provides good penetration to the work zone and minimum oil drag-out losses on components due to low viscosity of the product.
  •  Provides excellent surface finish and extends tools life.
  •  Low odour.
  •  Versatile product which can be used in many applications and materials.
  •  Will not stain sensitive alloys.
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