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SKU: LUBCI-3834782
Category: Metal Working Fluids.
A transparent, low odour medium viscosity, mineral oi

A transparent, low odour medium viscosity, mineral oil compounded with high quantity of fatty material to provide good lubricity, and chlorine to impact extreme pressure properties so as to prolong tool life and improve surface finish.

Performance Benefits

  •  Consistently high surface finish and dimensional accuracy
  •  Suitable for a wide range of steels and non-ferrous materials.
  •  Excellent autolathe guide bush lubrication.

Recommended Applications

Castrol Ilocut 282 is the result of successful field trial in various operations that indicate the need for a pale coloured sulphur oil, containing chlorine and fatty materials to assist in the cutting of ferrous materials at high speeds and in gear production by hobbing and shaving. It is also suitable for multiple milling operations; thread generation and multi-spindle automatic lathe work.
Castrol Ilocut 282 is particularly suitable for cutting of all steels materials (including heat resisting and stainless). It can also be used for the machining of high alloys aluminium.

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