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SKU: LUBCI-3402210
Category: Metal Working Fluids.
(Previously: ILOCUT 268/654)

A highly refined, dark brown opaque mineral oil containing a generous proportion of sulphurised fatty oil.

The sulphur is carefully combined with the fatty oil in such a way that it will not stain copper alloys or give rise to undesirable corrosion effects, yet will release the element at the higher temperatures encountered at the chip/ tool interface, so that it functions as an effective anti-weld agent. Consequently, oils in this category are ideally suited for the machining of light alloy steels, yellow metals, and mild and low carbon steels.

Castrol Ilocut 154 differ only in viscosity and sulphurised fatty oil contents.

Performance Benefits

  •  Consistently high surface finish and dimensional accuracy
  •  Versatile product which can be used in many applications and materials.
  •  Increases tool life and reduce change frequency.
  •  Low fire risk due to high flash point.
  •  Low fuming and misting.

Recommended Applications

They are recommended for use over a wide range of cutting applications and are particularly valuable for repetition work on small automatics, and light operations on capstan and turret lathes.
Also recommended for operations such as :
Gear generating
Gear shaping
Gear spline hobbing

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