Oil Analysis

Why oil analysis is important to you?

By performing oil analysis, you will be able to have a clearer understanding on the health of your oil and valuable assets.

What tests to be done in oil analysis?

Oil analysis below will be advised accordingly depending on your operation environment and products using:

Spectral exam:
Oil sample will be collected to be run on a spectrometer to analyzes the oil. This test will tells us the levels of the various metals and additives that are present in the oil. This test tells us how much your engine is wearing.

Insolubles test:
This test measures the amount of abrasive solids that are present in the oil.

Viscosity test:
Viscosity test measures the oil thickness of the oil. This tell will whether the oil is still fall into the acceptable range of viscosity it should fall in.

Flash Point test:
This test measures the temperature at which vapors from the oil ignite.

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