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Friday, 19 Jul 2019


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Rustilo DWX 21


Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 is a water displacing preventive offering short to medium term protection. Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 is a clear brown fluid composed of petroleum waxes, corrosion inhibitors, lubricating, dewatering and wetting agents in a hydrocarbon solvent.
It possesses excellent dewatering properties and high resistance against emulsification with water or alkaline washings. After drying, an oily rust preventive film remains, which is compatible with motor oils and other lubricants.

Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 is specially recommended for application to components and parts to prevent complete dry-out and sticking during storage. Its compatibility with motor oils makes it an ideal choice for protection of engine components. This product can be used for protecting components after pickling and washing processes, or that have been machined with soluble oil emulsions or water-based
alkaline solutions; also, it is recommended for treating components which are to be paper wrapped for storage or transported.

It is especially suited to short tern inter-operational protection during manufacturing
processes. Its powerful searching properties make it additionally useful as penetrating oil.

Highly finished work is readily damaged by fingerprint corrosion, since the natural acids carried in perspiration are corrosive. This problem can be alleviated by Castrol Rustilo DWX 21, which has fingerprint-suppressing properties.

Indoors - 3 months. Outdoors - 1 month.

The period specified for outdoor use assumes primary protection from the weather.


B.S.S. 1133 Type T.P. 2b oily film
Total solids                 : 30 % w/w
Density @ 15°C           : 0.820
Flash Point (Abel)         : 37°C
Coverage (approx.)       : 50 sq.m./litre
Film thickness (approx.) : 3.5 microns
Film density                 : 3.3 g/sq.m.
Drying time @ 20°C       : 1 hour approx.

Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 is best applied by dipping; however, spraying or brushing are also quite suitable.
1. Preparation of work surface : All foreign matter, such as metal particles, scale, rust and excess water should be removed to achieve the best results.
2. Methods of application :
a) Dipping - the work need only be immersed for a very short time - just long enough for the fluid to displace the water and air and fill any voids. Mild agitation is recommended to aid water removal but excess agitation should be avoided since this may not allow displaced water to settle.

After dipping, the articles should be raised and allowed to drain. The tank should be covered at all times after use.

b) Spraying - the spray should be at moderate pressure and fairly coarse to avoid premature evaporation of solvent. The nozzle should not be held too close to work and care is needed to ensure a regular film. Spraying should cease when the first signs of running appear.

c) Brushing - the brush should be soft and Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 should be flowed on and not brushed out, to ensure a regular film. This type of application should be carried out quickly before vapourisation takes place.

3. Drying and film hardening - before treated work is handled or wrapped,time must be allowed for the solvent to evaporate and the film to dry.

4. Removal - It is normally unnecessary to remove Castrol Rustilo DWX 21;
however, if required, it may be removed by wiping with or without the aid of solvents; dipping in liquid solvents, vapour degreasing and washing in emulsions or alkaline solutions.

1. This product contains a flammable hydrocarbon solvent and suitable fire precautions should be taken. In case of fire - foam, B.C.F., dry powder or CO2 fire extinguishers should be used.

2. In common with most hydrocarbon solvent based products Castrol Rustilo DWX 21 has a defatting effect on the skin and operators should wear PVC or rubber gloves, aprons and goggles when handling the material.

3. Avoid extensive breathing of vapours. Use in well ventilated area.

4. Eye splashes should be washed immediately with clean water.

5. If swallowed - do not induce vomiting. Give plenty of milk or water. Contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre.


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