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Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018
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Castrol Anvol SWX P 68
HFD U Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
Castrol Anvolâ„¢ SWX P 68 is a Polyol Ester fire resistant hydraulic fluid that is Factory Mutual approved to Group 1 and meets ISO HFD U 7th Luxembourg classification.

Anvol SWX P 68 is outstanding in its category in providing a safe working environment and improved system reliability.

Anvol SWX P 68 is formulated to work in high pressure hydraulic systems up to 5000psi. Anvol SWX P 68 provides gear pumps and hydraulic systems with protection against wear equivalent to that of mineral oils.

Anvol SWX P 68 is designed to combine fire resistance with superior system reliability and a reduced tendency to form varnish or sludge in valves; pipes and reservoirs. It also provides greater resistance to water by offering ease of separation and high levels of corrosion protection.

Even in the harshest steel mill environment, Anvol SWX P 68 provides safety, protection and reliability. This has the added value of reducing failures and minimising unscheduled downtime.

Anvol SWX P 68 is used in areas of the manufacturing industry were there is high risk of fire such as hot strip mills, coil handling facilities, pipe mills and continuous casters.

The risk of fire is minimized due to the high fire point and a low heat of combustion properties of Anvol SWX P 68.

Performance Benefits

Factory Mutual Approved, Group 1

  •  FM Approved, 28th April 2006. Report available on request. Group 1 is the highest achievable fire resistance category for a polyol ester product. FM Approval means that the product has been independently tested, and that our  manufacturing facility has been audited. This provides assurance that the product will consistently provide excellent fire resistance. FM Approval can often bring a reduction in insurance premiums.

Greater fire protection

  •  With a high fire point, Anvol SWX P 68 provides excellent fire suppression characteristics thereby creating a safer working environment and greater equipment protection.
  •  In critical systems, the spray ignition performance of Anvol SWX P 68 can be monitored using BP Detecta test kits, and Castrol Anvol Additive P can be dosed into the system to maintain spray ignition performance. This can only be achieved in systems where a complete system change out has occurred.
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