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Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018


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Castrol Aircol AMS 68
Refrigeration Lubricant

Castrol Aircol™ AMS 68 is a high performance refrigeration compressor lubricant specially formulated from highly refined hydro-processed base oils and performance additives for systems running on Ammonia (NH3) refrigerant. It is specifically designed for systems where oil is allowed to separate from
the refrigerant before the refrigerant passes the evaporator.

The operating conditions experienced in ammonia refrigeration compressors requires very specific lubrication properties. Lubricants commonly used in Freon refrigeration compressors normally do not perform well with ammonia refrigerant, resulting in problems such as high oil carry-over from the
compressor, high oil top-up rate, and rapid viscosity increase and carbon deposit formation in the compressor.

Aircol AMS 68 is formulated on specially selected hydro-processed base oils, which have a narrow cut boiling point range, high degree of saturation, and low volatility properties, resulting in low carbon residues... These base oil properties, reinforced by unique additive technology, provide outstanding
performance in ammonia refrigerating compressors, effectively reducing oil top-up rate, and minimising viscosity increases and carbon deposit formation in the compressor. Significant improvement in compressor cleanliness and multi-fold increase in oil life can therefore be expected when switching from
conventional refrigeration oils to Icematic AMS 68.

Aircol AMS 68 can be used in both reciprocating and screw type compressors running on ammonia refrigerant. Due to the high viscosity index of Icematic AMS 68 as compared to the normal naphthenic based refrigeration oils, it is capable of providing better wear protection to the compressor components,
particularly under high discharge temperature.

To achieve the maximum benefits and increased oil life offered by Aircol AMS 68, it is recommended that flushing oil with high solvency should be used to clean the compressor of any residual oil before filling with Aircol AMS 68. One cost effective way to achieve this is by running the compressor on normal
naphthenic based refrigeration oil for about 50 hours or so. The flushing oil can then be drained off before refilling with a fresh charge of Aircol AMS 68.


• Good thermal stability with very low carbon residue formation tendency
• Immiscible and non-reactive towards ammonia refrigerant over the entire operating temperature range, ensuring problem free operation
• Good low temperature flow properties
• Narrow cut base oils with low volatility, capable of reducing oil carry-over from the compressors, lowering the oil top-up rate, preventing rapid viscosity increase and prolonging oil life.
• High viscosity index providing good wear protection to the compressor components even at high discharge temperature

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