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Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019
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(Previously (ILOFORM PL 6))

Castrol Blank Wash is a mineral oil based metal stamping fluid. It is pale amber in colour with low viscosity and low odour. It is a blend of high performance extreme pressure additives including phosphorus in a fully solvent refined paraffinic mineral oil.

Castrol Blank Wash is blended to a viscosity designed to give maximum wetting and flushing in Automotive Wash rollers whilst maintaining lubricity for stamping operations.

Castrol Blank Wash is specially formulated for use in wash-roller units as a dual purpose washing and lubricating fluid. It contains additives to break down and release soils, greases and particulates leaving a clean blank prior to stamping.

Once in the press Castrol Blank Wash provides excellent lubricity and metal flow, resulting in clean, blemish-free skin panels. It is of sufficiently low viscosity to allow for easy filtration through cartridge filtration units.

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