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Sunday, 15 Dec 2019
total ceran wr2 (18kg)


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Extreme pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease.


- CERAN WR 2 is a multi purpose extreme pressure grease, formulated for the lubrication of all kinds of industrial, marine and off shore applications, operating under the most severe conditions. (water,heat, dust and other pollution).  
- CERAN WR 2 is also suitable as EP multi purpose grease, in “off road” applications where water is in frequent contact with the grease.  

Always avoid contamination of the grease by dust and/or dirt when applying. Preferably use a pneumatic pump system or cartridges.

Performances meet all Voith VN 108 requirements (soap is not lithium but calcium sulfonate complex).  
ISO 6743-9: L-XBFIB 2  
DIN 51 502: KP2R -25  
Marine standard STM 310A (NATO G 460)

- Thanks to its very sophisticated formula and performance reserves, CERAN WR 2 meets the most stringent industrial requirements.
- Its range of applications is extensive, as a result it can replace and outclass numerous conventional greases.  
- Excellent thermal stability. It regains its original texture after cooling to ambient temperature.  
- Remarkable load resistance thanks to its naturally high extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.  
- Extraordinary water resistance, no significant loss of consistency is observed even with high amounts of water entering the grease.  
- Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties thanks to the very nature of the calcium sulfonates, also in the presence of sea water.  
- CERAN WR 2 does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.



- CERAN WR2润滑脂为多用途极压润滑脂,特别适用于各种工业、船运、近海作业等含水、高温、尘土或其他污染的苛刻润滑场合
- CERAN WR2用于极压类润滑脂在水与润滑脂不断接触的工程机械的润滑场合
真正多用途润滑脂 - 由于配方精密、性能稳定,CERAN WR2可满足各种最苛刻的工业使用要求,性能比传统润滑脂性能优越,使用范围广耐高温 - 优良的热稳定性,降温至中等温度,可恢复原来结构
重负荷 - 由于具有天然的极压和抗磨性能,耐载荷性能优异
抗水性 - 出众的抗水性能,与大量水接触也没有显著的稠度损失
防腐蚀 - 有无海水时,磺酸钙的天然特殊性能均使其具有优良的抗氧化和抗腐蚀性能
不含有害物质 -CERAN WR2不含铅及其他重金属,或其他对人体健康和环境有害的物质
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