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Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018
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Castrol Olista® Longtime
Castrol Olista Longtime - solid-free especially adherent lithium soap grease for extremely high pressures and long-term lubrication with wide application range.
MICROFLUX TRANS® (TRANS = TRiple Action Non-sacrificial Surface engineering) improves friction surfaces to an extent not possible with normal machining processes and conventional EP lubricants.

In a tribological system the polarized MICROFLUX TRANS® additives instantaneously create a passive film on friction surfaces before friction occurs.
At a given load level, the MICROFLUX TRANS additives release compounds forming a resistant protective layer on friction surfaces.Under severe load, components of the MICROFLUX TRANS additive combination are activated and diffuse into the surfaces initiating an improvement of their friction characteristics through plastic deformation. The organic reaction products become a component of the tribopolymer system. Unlike the case with conventional lubricants, the tribopolymers formed by MICROFLUX TRANS are long-chained compounds with excellent lubricity and adhesion. The load carrying area is improved, a hydrodynamic lubrication film is easier to maintain. This unique physio-chemical reaction is CASTROL surface engineering and achieves a non-sacrificial micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces.The

MICROFLUX TRANS additive technology provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under extremes of pressure, vibration, shock loads, at high or low speeds or varying operational conditions.Features  excellent adhesion, water repellent, good sealing properties  resistant to cold and hot water  aging resistant and shear stable  suitable for lifetime lubrication  optimum wear protection in high load range  surface improvement to an extent not possible before  outstanding load carrying capacity  reduction of coefficient of friction resulting in energy savings  excellent rust protection  compatible with all conventional sealing materials and nonferrous metals  pumpable in central lubrication systems  temperature range: depending on consistency -30°C/-22°F to 130°C/266°F Uses Universal grease for general conditions, i.e., open air, moisture, dust vibration, shock loads, extreme pressure. For maintenance-free or low-maintenance long-term lubrication of electrical motors, construction machines, motor vehicles, agricultural equipment, tractors, cranes, stackers, conveyor trolley bearings and general industrial equipment. In wet or dirty environments, i.e., filling stations, textile washing machines, pumps. In heavily loaded antifriction and plain bearings of mobile equipment, i.e., tie rod joints, universal joints, brake camshafts and splined shafts of motor vehicles, threaded spindles and guides of hoists, open gear wheels, bearing surfaces exposed to heavy loads.Cost-benefit offered by MICROFLUX TRANS additive technology• extended lifetime of machine elements and wear parts, lower maintenance and labor costs by minimized wear and friction• full load operation within shortest time, virtually eliminating the running-in period• lower costs for lubricants and waste oil disposal because of significant extensions of both service life and relubrication intervals• energy savings due to reduced coefficient of friction, lower temperature of lubricant and component, improvement in operating efficiency• product consolidation, i.e., simplification and reduction of lubes and spare parts• reduction of noise resulting from high frequency stick-slip• for "life" lubrication in some applicationsApplicationSpecification of antifriction bearing manufacturers must be followed. Fill antifriction bearing housing only about half-full with grease. For relubrication, grease bearing until new grease appears at vent point. Apply a layer of grease on antifriction bearing seals as a barrier. Maximum performance only if applied unmixed. Excellent for product consolidation as Standard Plant grease.

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